Travel Insurance

Going on a trip, it is impossible to guess what surprises await us in a foreign country. Sometimes they are very unpleasant, especially for those who prefer outdoor activities and extreme sports. As the long-term statistics show, most often, citizens' appeals for medical help are associated with injuries received, and only then - colds and poisonings.

When preparing to travel to Romania, in addition to the main package of documents, do not forget about insurance for Tourist Romanian visa. It is obligatory for visiting this country, so it’s worthwhile to arrange it as soon as possible. The basic package usually includes the following list of services that you can use:

  • Call a doctor;
  • Inpatient treatment or visiting outpatient procedures;
  • Purchase of medicines prescribed by a doctor;
  • Diagnostics in the hospital;
  • Emergency assistance in the dental clinic;
  • Repatriation in case of death.

The insurance company has the right to add several more points, on the basis of which the final cost of the insurance policy is formed.

Pay attention to the availability of item on sports. If it is not provided, and you get injured in the process of training or competition, you will not be able to get free treatment.

There are also several other types of medical Insurance for Romanian visa, including:

  • Accident insurance, which is especially important for those countries where ski tourism is developed, as in Romania.
  • Insurance of transported baggage: in case of loss, monetary compensation is provided.
  • Liability insurance. If you cause material or physical damage to a third party, monetary compensation is provided for it.
  • The above additional options are included with the voluntary consent of the client.
  • Basic requirements for registration
  • The package of documents is issued for the entire stay of the tourist in the country, taking into account his stay at the airport;
  • The amount of the insurance limit starts from 30,000 euros;
  • Coverage of financial expenses for first aid or transportation to home (if necessary).

The availability of additional services can be varied in accordance with your individual needs and the specifics of issuing a document by the company to which you applied.

According to analysts, customers often neglect additional features, which is a blunder that can lead to negative consequences. For example, accident insurance in the majority of cases is not included in the basic package. Nevertheless, no one can predict in advance what awaits us during the journey, so it’s worth taking care of the guarantees of timely assistance.

Before applying for medical insurance policy for visa to Romania, review each item in the list and, if you see fit, make your own adjustments.

How is the amount of coverage

Short trips with minimal risk of illness and injury do not require a high insurance limit. As a rule, the amount of 30,000 euros is enough to pay for the treatment of minor ailments and injuries.

However, if you plan to travel for several weeks or months, it is advisable to increase the amount of insurance to 50 thousand euros. In addition, for those who have planned an extreme vacation in a ski resort, diving and other extreme sports, this amount can reach 100 thousand euros. This is due to the fact that the treatment of sports injuries is the most expensive and requires both medical and technical specialized assistance.

Do not forget, your personal safety and state of health, first of all, depends on you. You should responsibly treat all stages of travel insurance for Romania visa and carefully study each clause of the contract.